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Privacy Policy

  1. Personal Information

    1. We do not share personal or contact information of our clients with any third party unless required by a court order.
    2. Personal and contact information of our clients may be disclosed to law enforcement officials if mandated by a court order.
  2. Data Privacy

    1. We do not access or view the contents of client systems and services without written permission.
    2. We do not record, save, or archive any data from client systems or services without written permission.
    3. All data, including snapshots and backups, is permanently deleted during the termination process.
    4. We do not access or view the contents of client snapshots and backups without written permission.
    5. Some services include automated backups, and the use of such services implies agreement to the application of sections (2.1), (2.2), (2.3), and (2.4) to all backup files. These backup files are securely stored until the termination process.

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