Terms of Service

1 – General

1.1 – All content must abide by the laws of the state and country in which the services are hosted and all sections documented in these Terms of Service or our Acceptable Use Policy.

1.2 – New customers are required to provide current and accurate identification, contact information, and other details as part of the registration process. The client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and accuracy of account information and is responsible for all activities that occur under the account. The client is the sole party responsible for content on the account and the client agrees to immediately notify support of any unauthorized use of a client account or any other breach of security. MaxKVM is not liable for any loss or damage arising from failure to provide accurate account information or to secure account information.

1.3 – MaxKVM may cancel or suspend your access to MaxKVM services at any time and for any reason without notice. Upon cancellation or suspension, the customer immediately releases all rights to use the service and may not have access to data following suspension of service. The customer is always responsible for all backups of any data used with any active service. A customer is entitled to a partial refund of services equal to the number of days left in the agreement prior to termination if and only if said services were canceled by administrative action without cause.

1.4 – All violations of Acceptable Use Policy are considered to be prohibited use of services and may result in immediate account suspension and termination without refund.

1.5 – Immediate account termination will result from intentional and/or malicious violations of our Acceptable Usage Policy.

2 – Accounts

2.1 – A legitimate name and address must be provided by the client at the time of registration.

2.2 – Registration and Order Placement must be completed with a residential or small business ISP.

2.3 – Account details must match with payment information provided by the client.

2.4 – The modification of client details requires the submission of a support ticket to our billing team.

2.5 – Multiple personal accounts may not be opened by clients for any reason.

2.6 – Access to accounts and services may not be granted to a third party.

2.7 – The name provided on a client account cannot be transferred to the name of another individual.

3 – Billing

3.1 – All monthly recurring services are billed pro rata with a recurring due date on the first day of the month.

3.2 – All orders placed before the 20th of the month will be billed for the remainder of said month, with the next due date set to the first day of the following month.

3.3 – All orders placed on or after the 20th of the month will be billed for the remainder of that month in addition to the following month. The next due date will then be set to the first day of the month afterwards.

3.4 – All orders with a billing cycle longer than one month will be billed for the remainder of the month and the rest of the billing period. The next due date will be set to start on the first day of of the month in which the order was originally placed.

3.5 – Payment for services with recurring billing will be due on the first day of the month.

3.6 – Unpaid services will be terminated ten days past the due date on the service.

4 – Credits

4.1 – Account credit does not expire and cannot be transferred between clients.

4.2 – Existing account credit will automatically be applied towards further generated invoices until exhausted.

4.3 – Account credit may not be withdrawn in the form of a refund or other payment.

4.4 – Any chargeback or payment dispute will result in immediate account suspension and the account will be prohibited from placing any further orders until the dispute is removed. All services on the account may be terminated without compensation.

5 – Orders

5.1 – All orders are processed and provisioned during normal business hours if and only if information provided by the client complies with our Terms of Service.

5.2 – All orders that are placed outside of normal business hours are provisioned within 24 hours if and only if information provided by the client complies with our Terms of Service.

5.3 – All orders that remain unpaid for over 24 hours will be automatically removed from the system.

6 – Services

6.1 – Services cannot be changed on or after the service due date. All invoices must be settled before any modifications can be made.

6.2 – Any downgrade in service will automatically result in a deposit of credit into the client account for the difference in price from the date modified to the end of the current billing cycle.

6.3 – Any upgrade in service will automatically result in a new invoice for the difference in price from the date modified to the end of the current billing cycle.

7 – Cancellation, Suspension, and Termination

7.1 – Requests for immediate cancellation are processed automatically at 6:00 AM Pacific the next morning.

7.2 – Requests for end of billing cycle cancellations are processed automatically at 6:00AM Pacific on the next due date.

7.3 – All service related data and backups are destroyed and any associated IP addresses are released back to the management system as soon as a cancellation is processed. The service and data cannot be restored.

7.4 – The remaining balance of the service’s billing cycle is automatically deposited to the client’s account credit balance when a service is canceled prior to the due date.

7.5 – A service is taken offline and disabled from power on/off when an account is suspended. The service and data will not be made available until the issue resulting in suspension has been resolved.

8 – Miscellaneous

8.1 – Technical support is on call via email or support ticket 24 hours a day for emergency system, network, and other service related issues. Support tickets are addressed as they are received.

8.2 – The billing department can be reached via support ticket between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Monday through Friday and between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM on Saturdays.

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